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Most hip pains will start to settle in 8-24 weeks.

Hip pain is a common complaint that can be caused by a wide variety of problems.

The pain can be felt in the groin, on the outside of your pelvis, in your buttock and down the front or side of your thigh. These symptoms may occur from irritation to the hip bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons around the area. Often pain from the back can be felt around the hip too.

Most hip pains will start to settle in 8-24 weeks.

Self help

Try following the simple advice below:

  1. Avoid the activities that make the pain worse, but don’t stop moving all together
  2. Keep moving, even slowly at first
  3. Use pain killers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen as they can help you to remain active, which helps you recover quicker. Remember to check they are safe for you. If you are not sure or struggling to manage your pain, then speak with a pharmacist. (Do not use ibuprofen in the first 48 hours after an injury as it may slow down healing).
  4. Wear flat, supportive shoes, such as trainers.
  5. Reduce long periods of standing or sitting, try to change positions often.



GTPS Exercises – Advanced


GTPS Exercises – Easy


GTPS Exercises – Moderate


Hip Osteoarthritis – Advanced


Hip Osteoarthritis – Early


Hip Osteoarthritis – Mid


Hip Pain – Advanced


Hip Pain – Moderate

Get advice now from 111 if:

  • The hip pain was caused by a serious fall or accident 
  • Your leg is deformed, badly bruised or bleeding
  • You are unable to move your hip or bear any weight on your leg
  • You have numbness or tingling around your genitals or buttocks
  • You have a change to your bladder and bowel control or difficulty peeing
  • You have a raised temperature and you feel unwell
  • You have a fever or a rash
  • Your hip pain came on very suddenly and you have sickle cell anaemia

These problems could be a sign of something more serious and may need to be checked urgently 

If your hip pain persists, or you are not sure what to do, you can self-refer to see a local physiotherapist who can help you with your problem.

Physiotherapy self-referral

If you are an NHS patient registered to a qualifying GP surgery, you can now refer yourself directly for MSK physiotherapy without needing an appointment at your GP practice.

You must be aged 16 or over and registered with a Wakefield GP.

Call 01924 224497 or complete the online form by clicking the link below.