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A Holistic approach to your MSK rehab

  • The introduction of social media, movie streaming, video games and couch related activity has lead to a rapid growth of sedentary behaviour with almost 50% of the population not meeting the physical activity guidelines
  • 72% of Wakefield residents are overweight or obese this is significantly greater than the national average of 63.5% 
  • Obesity and Musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders work interchangeably. Being categorised as obese increases your risk of MSK disorders and suffering with an MSK disorder can majorly increase your risk of being sedentary and developing obesity 
  • For every 1KG/m2 increase in BMI this is a 1% increase for developing osteoarthritis and for every 5cm increase in weight circumference this is a 3% increased risk for developing osteoarthritis 
  • Being overweight puts stress on the load bearing joints, increasing the amount of pain we are in and slowing our recovery process. Studies also show individuals with a higher amount of body fat independent to weight suffer with greater amounts of MSK pain. 
  • At Novus we want to give you the tools to support you living a healthy lifestyle around your MSK rehab to treat, prevent and ensure you stay healthy 

What are we here to do as health coaches?

Managing your weight, improving your eating habits, increasing physical activity and self-managing your pain are the combined first lines of treatment for the large majority of MSK conditions

It is not easy starting from scratch and there are lots of pillars to be introduced when starting to change your habits. We want to direct, support, educate and facilitate you in improving your lifestyle 

Our experts come from specialist nutrition and exercise backgrounds that have focus on facilitating behaviour change and improving people’s quality of life. Here are some key areas we will help you with: 

  • Providing you with accountability, structure and a overarching map to help you with your lifestyle goals in conjunction to your direct physio rehab 
  • Nutrition knowledge, advice, guidance and skills specific to your goals 
  • Improving your exercise and activity around your MSK injury 
  • Managing sleep, stress and recovery 
  • Alcohol and smoking cessation.
Health Coaches

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