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Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy is the rehabilitation of patients, affected by injury, illness or disability.

Our service aims to provide an easily accessible musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy service covering the local residents of the Wakefield area. We encourage and support patients through self-management and through incorporating an exercise-based rehabilitation programme. We develop a person-centred approach based upon shared decision making. We seek to facilitate patients achieving a 65-80% improvement, whereby they can then go on to achieve further improvements with adherence to a specific self-management plan.

We treat spinal conditions such as neck or back; all joint problems including ligament sprains, muscle strains, arthritis pain and pain as a result of postural/workplace issues, fractures or surgery.

Once you have been referred to Novus Health

Depending on any assessments of your condition/symptoms being completed prior to being referred into Novus Health, your first consultation with us may be virtual or face-to-face. Virtual or remote consultations are 30 minutes in length and will be completed by one of our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists.

The assessment will involve the physiotherapist gathering all the relevant information and history regarding your current symptoms. The physiotherapists will also ask questions regarding your medical history, lifestyle and any other factors that may be relevant to your treatment journey with us.

Physiotherapy self-referral

If you are an NHS patient registered to a qualifying GP surgery, you can now refer yourself directly for MSK physiotherapy without needing an appointment at your GP practice.

You must be aged 16 or over and registered with a Wakefield GP.

Call 01924 224497 or complete the online form by clicking the link below.

Your management plan

From this assessment, the physiotherapist will be able to determine the likely cause of your symptoms and work with you to create a management plan.

Your treatment journey from this point many take many different forms dependent on your needs and choices but could include: Virtual remote consultations, Clinic appointments (face-to-face), 1:1 gym based rehabilitation, Condition-specific Class Based Therapy or Soft Tissue Therapy clinics.

Please ensure you are dressed appropriately for the appointment, e.g. loose clothing or a T-shirt, if it’s a problem area of your shoulder/elbow etc. If the problem area is your knee/leg then wearing shorts or loose jogging bottoms would be advisable.

Your follow up appointments will be made by your physiotherapist. Our service is an adult MSK service, but 16-18 years are eligible if accompanied by a parent/appropriate adult to give consent.

Physical Health

Common exercises

For your safety and optimal health, please seek advice from a physiotherapist or healthcare professional before starting any new exercise regime, including the ones provided on our website. The self-directed exercises below are general recommendations for common physiotherapy conditions, intended to help ease some of your symptoms.

Please be mindful while doing these exercises. If you experience persistent symptoms or if your pain worsens at any point, please contact your local healthcare provider.

Back Pain Programme

Back Programme


Early Achilles Tendon Exercises

Falls Risk Programme

Falls Risk Programme


Hand and Wrist Exercises


Heel and Ankle Exercises

B. Physio - Hip and Knee Exercises

Hip And Knee Exercises

Hip and Knee Programme

Hip and Knee Programme


Knee Exercises

Knee Osteoarthritis – Moderate


Lower Back Pain Exercises


Neck Exercises


Information for NHS Patients

We serve adult NHS patients who live in Wakefield or North Kirklees. Ask your GP to refer you to Novus Health if you would like to be treated locally by us for Adult Hearing Loss (Wakefield and North Kirklees patients) or Physiotherapy, Dermatology, Carpal Tunnel Surgery (Wakefield patients). Our NHS services are free of charge.

Man and woman talking

Information for GPs

The NHS gives you and your patients the opportunity to consider Novus Health to deliver certain treatments on behalf of the NHS. We work with health organisations to cut waiting times and increase local choice. We charge under the National Tariff pricing scheme and you can refer your patients to us via the NHS e-Referral System.