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Get better, Stay better

Introducing Get Better, Stay Better – our holistic approach to healthcare for NHS patients in the Wakefield and Kirklees area.

We have successfully provided physical, hearing or skin health services to over 100,000 local patients on behalf on the NHS. We will continue to do this but we are adding more to what we do.

Where we can, we want to remove the barriers that limit patient recovery. Factors such as lifestyle, diet, exercise, smoking and alcohol – each can significantly reduce the benefits of our care and negatively affect mental health and health & wellbeing.

By building a closer understanding of our patients we can help tackle these barriers. We start by adding our initial health and lifestyle assessment to patient health records – measuring behaviour, motivation and wellbeing.

This assessment allows us (through counselling, signposting and personal support) to add value to our care and help our patients to return to as full a life as possible.

We treat more than the symptom, we reinvest in prevention.

Get better stay better

Get Better Diagram

Get Better, Stay Better sums up our approach.

We help our patients to get better and, working with others, to stay better too. We assess the whole person and address those factors that can affect symptoms or recovery. That way, each patient gets the personal support they need to improve not only their physical health but also their mental health and wellbeing.

Get better