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Your Visit

Have you been referred to Novus Health for hearing loss?

Are you wondering what will happen next? You’ll find more information below about your first appointment with Novus Health and what to expect at your first hearing assessment and beyond.

If you have any questions that you don’t find the answer to here, write them down and bring them with you to your appointment. 

Your audiologist will answer any questions you have and make sure that, together, you decide on the right solution for your hearing health and that you fully understand your hearing loss and the options available to you.

Before your Appointment 

Once you are referred by your GP to Novus Health,  a member of our Admin Team will contact you by telephone to book your first appointment.

If you have a smartphone, please download the BeMore app, so your audiologist can connect your hearing aids to your phone during your appointment.

This convenient software allows you to control your hearing aids from your phone. 

Click here to learn more about the BeMore app. 

During your appointment 

Hearing assessment 

Your first appointment with us will be a hearing assessment.

At your hearing assessment appointment, we will use a number of tools and tests to assess your needs and preferences when it comes to your hearing. 

We use clinical, objective and subjective measures. First of all, we will take a detailed history and discuss how well you feel that you hear, which situations you hear best in and which situations you need help in.

Next, we will look inside your ears with an otoscope – This is called Otoscopy. We use this in combination with your clinical history to help build a picture of your overall ear health.

We will then carry out Diagnostic Audiometry using a headset to present sounds to you and a button that you will press each time you hear a sound. This measures how well you hear, and just like Otoscopy helps us build a picture of your ear and hearing health.

Once we have carried out these tests and observations, we will discuss the results with you and together, we will make a decision about how you want to manage your hearing loss.

On occasion, you will be fitted on the same day as the assessment, otherwise, you will be booked in for a follow-up fitting appointment within two weeks. 

Fitting appointment

Your hearing aid fitting appointment will last 45 minutes. Your audiologist will discuss your hearing health and ensure you leave the session with hearing aids specifically tailored to you and your level of hearing loss.

At your previous appointment, we will have agreed on the best-fitting hearing aid style for you. 

If an ear mould is the most suitable option, we’ll take time to assess the fit of your mould and adjust the tubing to the correct length, ensuring that your hearing aid fits comfortably. 

Alternatively, if your hearing aid is to be fitted on a slim tube or as what we call an “open fit”, your audiologist will choose the correct sized earpiece and tube to fit your ear canal and level of hearing loss. Again, double-checking this all fits comfortably in and behind your ears. 

Once your hearing aids are fitted and comfortable, we’ll customise them to meet your hearing loss prescription and use a procedure called Real Ear Measure. 

We’ll then move on to adjusting your hearing aids based on your feedback. As your audiologist speaks to you, we’ll ask if you can hear nice and clearly, and that the sound isn’t too loud. If you bring someone else with you, which we highly recommend, we’ll include them in this process to ensure you can hear them clearly, too. 

After your appointment

We don’t just fit hearing aids. 

Receiving your first hearing aid is the start of your hearing rehabilitation with Novus Health.  We want to motivate you to take charge of your hearing loss and equip you with all the tools and advice you need to have a better hearing experience. We will educate you about hearing loss and rehabilitation, and empower you to feel confident looking after your hearing aids and discovering this new world of sound. It can take up to 12 weeks to become fully accustomed to your new hearing aid, That is why you will receive regular communication from us by email as you adjust during those first three months. 


Within 8 – 10 weeks after your fitting, you will receive a Patient Experience Questionnaire in the post. This will include questions on the care you received and how you are getting on with the hearing aid. It will also include a self-addressed and prepaid envelope so you can simply send this back to Novus Health. Depending on the feedback we receive, you may be invited to a 15-minute appointment for us to rectify any issues you may be experiencing with your hearing aid. Part of our service also includes free aftercare, meaning that any follow-up appointments you may need are also included free of charge in our service. As well as, any batteries and tubing, which you can order via our website, by telephone or email, and we’ll post to your home address. If you are struggling to re-tube your hearing aids, you can also walk into our Wakefield and Normanton Health and Wellbeing Hubs, where a staff member will be able to offer you a helping hand. 

Hear for Life

As our patient, you are automatically a member of our Hear for Life community (link to our Hear for Life page).  You can expect regular emails from us with information you’ll find useful to get the most out of your hearing solution, as we help you on your journey to better hearing.

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Physiotherapy Services

Adult Hearing Loss

Adult Hearing Loss Services


Dermatology Services

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Treatment and Surgery

Pontefract Hub

Pontefract Hub
25 Market Place

01924 898 784

Chapelthorpe Medical Centre

Standbridge Lane

01924 669080

Ravensthorpe Health Centre

Ravensthorpe Health Centre
Netherfield Rd
WF13 3JY

01924 767282

Brookroyd Surgery

First Floor, Health Centre,
16 Union St
WF16 0HH

01924 403061

Park Green (Church View)

Park Green (church view)
Langthwaite Rd
South Kirkby

01977 642251

Langthwaite Surgery (Church View)

Church View Health Centre
Langthwaite Road
South Kirkby


The Sandal Clinic

The Sandal Clinic 6A Sandal
Standbridge Lane

01924 250344

The Wakefield Hub

Health and Wellbeing House
8 Providence Street

01924 898 784

The Normanton Hub, Millennium Court

Millennium Court
60 Queen Street

01924 898 784

Cleckheaton Health Centre

Cleckheaton Health Centre
BD19 5AP

030 3003 4542

Ash Grove Medical Centre

Ash Grove Medical Centre
England Lane
Knottingley, Wakefield
WF11 0JA

01977 673141

Station Lane Medical Centre

Station Lane Medical Centre
Station Lane

01977 600381

Friarwood Surgery

Friarwood Surgery
Carleton Glen

01977 704777

Outwood Park Medical Centre

Outwood Park Medical Centre
Potovens Lane
Outwood, Wakefield

01924 822626

College Lane Surgery

College Lane Surgery
Barnsley Road
Ackworth, Pontefract

01977 611023

Middlestown Medical Centre

Middlestown Medical Centre
New Road,
Middlestown, Wakefield

01924 237100

Lupset Medical Centre

Lupset Health Centre
George A Green Court
Lupset, Wakefield

01924 668977

Orchard Croft Medical Centre

Orchard Croft Medical Centre
Cluntergate, Horbury

01924 271016

The Sandal Hub, Sandal Castle Medical Centre

Sandal Castle Medical Centre
Asdale Road

01924 258955
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