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Transforming Lives with Comprehensive Hearing Health Solutions

Hearing loss can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience. That’s why Novus Health is more than just a hearing aid provider. We are a community dedicated to improving hearing health in the Wakefield District. With support from our team of audiologists and fellow patients, you won’t have to navigate your journey to better hearing alone.

We are committed to delivering accessible and impactful healthcare and making a difference in the place we live and work. As the leading provider of adult hearing loss solutions and aftercare in Wakefield, we are devoted to helping our community hear better for life.

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Exceptional Hearing Care from Novus Health

Highest Quality Care

From your first hearing assessment with an experienced audiologist

Personalised Hearing Solution

Professionally tailored to suit your hearing and lifestyle needs

Expert Fitting

Modern market-leading hearing aids and accessories

Hear for Life

Community of ongoing support and aftercare.

Easy Access

Free batteries and tubes plus dedicated support for repairs

A Choice of Locations

Outstanding quality care closer to home.

Hearing FAQs

If you are eligible (Wakefield patient over 19, or a North Kirklees patient over 55) and have trouble hearing, ask your GP to refer you to Novus Health for a hearing assessment.

We supply and fit danalogic hearing aids from GN ReSound, designed for and with the NHS. Our experienced audiologists have successfully fitted over 35,000 Danalogic hearing aids. You’ll receive modern, discreet, digital hearing aids that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone. We provide worry-free repair and aftercare services, including free battery, tube and dome replacements. Our care is provided free of charge to adult NHS patients who live in Wakefield or North Kirklees.

Ease of access and patient choice are a priority for us. When you're referred into our Adult Hearing Loss service, you can choose from multiple locations close to home, including GP practices and our Health and Wellbeing Hubs in Wakefield City Centre, Normanton, and the upcoming Pontefract Market Place (opening later in 2023). We can also arrange a home visit if that suits you better. To view all our locations please see our Service Finder (link).

Yes, every NHS audiology provider is held to the same high standards. But we like to think we offer a higher standard of care due to accessibility, and our service initiated aftercare and ongoing support.

We're dedicated to supporting you throughout your hearing journey. Once you receive your hearing aids, you'll become a part of our Hear for Life community, where we provide ongoing assistance and resources to help you adapt to your new hearing aids and improve your hearing health.

After getting your hearing aids, you will receive a series of emails over the next few weeks to provide guidance on various topics, including:

  1. Adjusting to your hearing aids and the initial changes to expect
  2. Using the BeMore app to control your hearing aids from your smartphone
  3. Enhancing your hearing experience with wireless accessories
  4. Proper maintenance and aftercare for your hearing aids

Our website offers a wealth of resources, including hearing aid maintenance videos, to help you become confident in using and looking after your hearing aids. Additionally, we provide postal support for repairs and batteries, remote care via the BeMore app, and telephone support for any additional assistance you may require.

With Novus Health, you're not alone on your journey to better hearing health. We're here to help you adapt, improve, and make the most of your hearing solution.

There are several resources available to help you learn more about hearing aids and hearing loss. Here are a few websites you can visit:

Wakefield and District Society for Deaf People:

Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID):

The Hearing Review:

Danalogic Hearing Devices:

These websites offer valuable information on hearing loss, hearing aid technology, and support services to help you make informed decisions about your hearing health.

Meet the Hearing Team

Getting Started with Novus Health

How to Get Referred to Novus Health for a Hearing Assessment

Help and Resources

Superior Hearing Solutions

Explore our comprehensive range of hearing aids and services, and join our Hear for Life community to unlock your hearing potential. 

Hear For Life

At Novus Health, we offer a complete hearing solution with ongoing support and aftercare, empowering you to manage your improved hearing confidently.

Your Partner for a Lifetime of Better Hearing

Hearing loss is unique and personal, often gradually impacting your life. Your loved ones may notice it before you do, but you don’t have to accept hearing loss as a fact of life. When you’re ready for a hearing assessment, we’re here to help you find the right solution to better hear and communicate with the world around you.

At Novus Health, we offer a complete hearing solution with ongoing support and aftercare, empowering you to manage your improved hearing confidently. Obtaining your first hearing aid marks the beginning of your Hear for Life journey with us.

We aim to inspire you to take control of your hearing loss and provide the necessary tools and advice to enhance your hearing experience. We’ll educate you about hearing loss rehabilitation and empower you to feel confident in maintaining your hearing aids while exploring this new world of sound.

We call this community and ongoing support, Hear for Life.

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Take your hearing to the next level with wireless accessories

There are a range of wireless accessories available that will enhance your hearing solution and help your hearing aids adapt even better to your environment and the things you like to do.

ReSound accessories provide wireless connectivity for streaming and controlling sound directly to your hearing aids. Whether it’s a phone call, watching TV or a conversation in a restaurant, wireless accessories are discreet and deliver the clearest, most effortless hearing experience possible.

These devices aren’t available on the NHS but can be purchased separately with an exclusive 25% discount offered to our patients.

All accessories work seamlessly with your Danalogic hearing aids. 

Speak to your audiologist for further details or visit the Novus Hearing website here.

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