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Hearing health

Our experienced audiologists have treated thousands of local NHS patients with high quality hearing care.

We supply and fit modern digital NHS hearing aids that can be remotely controlled with a smartphone. We provide worry-free repair and aftercare including free battery, tube and dome replacement. Our care is provided free of charge to adults who live in Wakefield or Kirklees.

Once your GP has referred you to Novus Health

Your first appointment normally lasts for 45 minutes to an hour. We will take your hearing history including your current difficulties. If required, we can fit hearing aids on the same day in most cases. Once fitted, we will discuss setting up, using and looking after your NHS hearing aids and adapting to the hearing aid sounds. 

Your follow up and ongoing care

We review after 10 weeks to measure comfort and performance. We retest hearing, adjust/upgrade hearing aids and check progress as necessary and we conduct annual reviews to ensure your hearing needs are met. After 3 years, you are offered a repeat hearing assessment and, if required, a full reprogramming of your hearing aids.

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Your NHS digital hearing aids

Our patients are provided with modern, market-leading danalogic Ambio SMART digital hearing aids.

These are discreet and effective, light and comfortable to wear. A dedicated App allows you to control your hearing aids using your smartphone, from changing programmes to finding your hearing aids if you lose them.

They also allow Novus Health to remotely update your software without you leaving the house. A helpful booklet containing all the information you need will be supplied with your NHS hearing aids.

Read more about wearing a NHS hearing aid for the first time here.

Novus Health

Speak to your GP for a referral to novus health for the best hearing care.


Assistive listening devices

There are a range of wireless accessories that help you hear even better on the telephone, watching TV or talking with people in a restaurant or in a meeting.

These devices are not available on the NHS but can be purchased separately. All accessories work seamlessly with your danalogic Ambio digital hearing aids. Speak to your audiologist for further details or visit the Novus Hearing website here.

novus hearing

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Assisted listening devices

Help and support with your NHS hearing aids

Get started or maintain your hearing aids using the videos below or get in touch for new batteries, tubes or domes.

Hearing aid maintenance

Using the BeMore App

New batteries, tubes or domes

Additional hearing related support