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About Novus Health

How do I access Novus Health Services?

We treat NHS patients from the Wakefield and Kirklees areas.
To enter our service, you need to ask your GP to refer you to Novus Health.

Eligibility to be referred for our Hearing Health services
NHS Wakefield patients (aged 19 years or over).
NHS Kirklees patients (aged 55 years or over).

Eligibility to be referred for our Carpal Tunnel or Physiotherapy services
NHS Wakefield patients (aged 19 years or over)

Eligibility to be referred for our Carpal Tunnel or Dermatology services
NHS Wakefield patients – both adults and children.

Your Visit

Where is my appointment?

We let you know the date and location of your appointment when confirming the booking (usually in a letter or in a text message).

The details of where we operate are listed in Service Finder.

Hearing Health

What hearing aids do you provide?

We supply and fit ReSound Ambio – modern, digital hearing aids that can be remotely controlled with a smartphone. We provide worry-free repair and aftercare including free battery, tube and dome replacement. Our care is provided free of charge to adult NHS patients who live in Wakefield or Kirklees.

Physical Health

When is Carpal Tunnel Surgery required?

If nonsurgical treatment does not relieve your symptoms or provides only temporary relief, your clinician may recommend surgery.

The decision of whether to recommend surgery is based on:

  • The severity of your symptoms
  • Physical exam findings
  • Response to non-operative treatment
  • Results of testing

In long-standing cases with constant numbness and wasting of your thumb muscles, surgery may be recommended to prevent irreversible damage. Surgery may also be recommended if you do not get relief with non-operative treatments and/or demonstrate significant nerve changes on testing.

What’s a Dermatology SOS appointment?

Following the successful treatment of your condition, you will be discharged from our service back to the care of your GP. However, you may experience a flare-up of the condition at some point in the future. Our service enables you to self-refer back into an SOS Appointment for up to 12 months after we have discharged you. This is only available for the same condition, but will save you having to go back to your GP and will improve the speed with which you can get an appointment.

Will my Physio Appointment be face-to-face?

Depending on any assessments of your condition/symptoms being completed prior to being referred into Novus Health, your first consultation with us may be virtual or face-to-face. Virtual or remote consultations are 30 minutes in length and will be completed by one of our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists.