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What is hearing loss?

Discover Why Novus Health Chooses GN Hearing Aids for Superior Auditory Experience

Hearing loss is a partial or total inability to hear. It can occur in one or both ears and can affect people of all ages. Common causes include aging, exposure to loud noise, ear infections, and genetic factors. Hearing loss can significantly impact a person’s quality of life, making it challenging to engage in conversations, […]

Navigating Hearing Loss Together: How It Impacts the Whole Family

Effects of Hearing Loss on Families

Anyone living with hearing loss can tell you about the huge challenges they face in their daily lives. What is often overlooked, however, is the ripple effect on their loved ones. Hearing loss isn’t just an individual struggle, it’s a shared experience that touches the lives of those closest to you. Hearing loss frustration It […]

BSL videos for Hearing Loss patients

Novus Health has enlisted the help of Wakefield & District Society for Deaf People to create British Sign Language videos featuring news items relevant to our hearing loss patients. Find them here:

Lost in festive conversation? You may be suffering from hearing loss.

Lost in festive conversation? You may be suffering from hearing loss.

Fingers crossed, your Christmas delivered on its promise as the most wonderful time of the year, but that’s not always the case. If your festive family get together – with the traditional dinner table chat, Christmas movies and fun family games – left a ringing in your ears, it may be time to contact a […]

How Hearing Aid Wireless Accessories Can Enhance Your Lifestyle

Assisted Listening Devices

In today’s world, sound is integral to our daily interactions and experiences. Yet for those with hearing impairments, some of life’s most basic joys can become complicated. Enter wireless hearing aid accessories—practical, transformative technology designed not merely to amplify sound but to enhance your overall quality of life. A New Level of Auditory Experience Gone […]

Introducing Ambio Smart

Ambio Smart

At Novus Health, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of technology to enhance your quality of life. We’re excited to announce our latest innovation: Ambio Smart –  cutting-edge hearing aids that will redefine your hearing experience! Starting this November, we’ll be equipping our valued customers with Ambio Smart hearing aids, offering a range of […]

What happens when you are referred to Novus Health Audiology

Step 1: Referral by Your GP Your journey with Novus Health Audiology begins when your GP refers you to our service. Step 2: Pre-Appointment Questionnaire (Within 48 Hours) Soon after your referral, you’ll receive a pre-appointment questionnaire to help us understand your specific needs. Step 3: Initial Clinic Appointment (Within 2 Weeks) – Approx. 30 […]

The importance of changing your hearing aid tubes

When having your hearing aid fitted, we’ll explain the importance of keeping your hearing aids and tubes clean. However, tubing does have a limited lifespan – usually around six months for most people. After around six months, the tubing will start to change. It becomes brittle, often misshapen, and it also shrinks. This causes three […]

How to Clean Your NHS Hearing Aids

Cleaning your hearing aids

Hearing aids are an incredible technology for those experiencing hearing loss, enhancing their ability to interact with the world around them. They work hard all day, amplifying the world around us, so it’s no surprise that they require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. It’s really important to keep your hearing aids in good condition […]

Understanding the Psychological Impact of Hearing Loss

Lady by a Window

Hearing loss is challenging to live with, but have you ever considered the emotional and psychological struggles it comes with? The Emotional Strain of Hearing Loss It can be very frustrating when you have to ask someone, especially someone you are close to, to repeat themselves. It can make you feel like you are missing […]