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Referring Patients to Novus Health

As a referrer, you play a crucial role in connecting your patients with the appropriate services they need to improve their wellbeing. Novus Health offers a range of tailored services, including Physiotherapy (MSK), Adult Hearing Loss, Carpal Tunnel, and Dermatology. Our efficient referral process guarantees a seamless transition into our services, ensuring timely and hassle-free care for your patients from the very first touchpoint.

How to Refer Patients to Novus Health

Referring patients to our services is simple and can be done in several ways:

  • Using the NHS e-Referral System
  • Using e-Referral in SystmOne
  • Using Remote Booking in SystmOne

Eligibility Criteria for Adult Hearing Loss Service

Patients eligible for our Adult Hearing Loss service must meet the following criteria:

  • Registered with an NHS Wakefield District CCG
  • Registered with an NHS Kirklees CCG

Additionally, patients must:

  • Be free of occluding wax before referral.
  • Not have experienced any sudden hearing loss in the last 3 months
  • Not have an asymmetrical hearing loss of recent origin
  • Not have unilateral distressing or pulsatile tinnitus
  • Not have a recent new episode of rotational vertigo
NHS eReferrals

Our Comprehensive Hearing Health Service

At Novus Health, we provide a holistic Hearing Health Service that includes the following:

Expert Assessment and Fit

Personalised hearing solutions provided by skilled audiologists and hearing aid dispensers.

Superior Hearing Aids

Partnering with GN ReSound, our devices offer exceptional sound quality, remote assistance, and user-friendly design

Preparing Patients for Success

Giving patients the best possible start to life with hearing aids through a comprehensive care plan, which manages expectations and enhances a patient's overall hearing rehabilitation.

Unparalleled Aftercare

Combining follow-up, annual reviews, 3-year battery replacements, dedicated specialist care assistants, and support emails for a fully-supported patient experience

Hear for Life Community

Access to ongoing support, education, and collaboration with the Wakefield Deaf Society for optimal hearing outcomes.

Accessible & Convenient​

Patient-centred services delivered from our Health & Wellbeing hubs, select GP practices, home visits, and phone support to ensure ease of access.

Your patient will remain in our pathway should they require removal of ear wax prior to assessment and fitting. No re-referral will be required. The service aims to fit Open Fit or Receiver in the Ear devices to 80% of patients. Some patients may require a custom mould. All of our hearing solutions can usually be fitted within 2-3 weeks of initial assessment.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment and Surgery Services

Referring patients on the NHS e-Referral system:

  • Choose the following speciality – Orthopaedics
  • Choose the following clinic type – Hand and Wrist.

Our carpal Tunnel treatment and surgery service

We provide a comprehensive service that enables GPs to refer patients for initial assessment by experienced clinicians, who diagnose and conservatively treat carpal tunnel syndrome. If symptoms are significant and surgery is required, our consultant-led surgical service delivers expert care.

Service locations within the Wakefield District:

  • The Wakefield Hub, Providence Street, Wakefield
  • The Normanton Hub, Queens Street, Normanton
  • Sandal Castle Medical Centre, Wakefield

Choose Novus Health for a knowledgeable, solution-driven, and compassionate approach to carpal tunnel treatment, providing patients with the best possible care and support throughout their treatment.



Referring patients on the NHS e-Referral system – single point of access via the ‘Integrated MYHT and Novus Health Community Dermatology Service’

Upon receiving the referral at MYHT, it will undergo consultant clinical triage. When clinically appropriate, the referral will be forwarded to the Consultant-led Community Dermatology Service, delivered by GPwSIs in Dermatology, Consultant Dermatologists, and Consultant Plastic Surgeons.

The GPwSI at Novus Health will then triage referrals to determine the most suitable appointment type for the patient’s condition. Options include face-to-face, non face-to-face, or lesion clinic appointments.

Initial GPwSI General Outpatient appointment
At the initial appointment, the GPwSI will confirm the diagnosis and establish the best management plan when possible. If a diagnosis cannot be reached, they will discuss an appropriate diagnostic management plan, as needed.

Initial GPwSI General Outpatient appointment
At the initial appointment, the GPwSI will confirm the diagnosis and establish the best management plan when possible. If a diagnosis cannot be reached, they will discuss an appropriate diagnostic management plan, as needed.

Management plans may include:

  • Follow-up appointment with the GPwSI
  • Referral to the minor surgery clinic
  • Referral for cryotherapy
  • Referral to the Novus Health Consultant
  • review clinic
  • Open appointment
  • Referral to the Low Risk Basal Cell
  • Carcinoma clinic
  • IPT to secondary care
  • Discharge from the service
  • Prescription medication

Select Novus Health for expert and empathetic dermatology care. We ensure patients receive the highest quality treatment and assistance at every stage of their journey.


Referral Methods – There are multiple ways to refer patients to our services:

  • Using the NHS e-Referral System
  • Using e-Referral in SystmOne
  • Using Remote Booking in SystmOne

On receipt of a referral, the initial consultation may be conducted virtually or face-to-face. Virtual or remote consultations are 30 minutes long and carried out by one of our experienced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists. 

During this assessment, the Physiotherapist will identify the probable cause of symptoms and collaborate with your patient to develop a tailored management plan.

Physical Health

Working with Novus Health

Our priority is to see and treat your patients promptly, from the referral stage through to the completion of any post-operative care.

A clinical staff member is always available to address patient questions and guide them through their treatment process, providing comprehensive information about expected outcomes, follow-up, and aftercare. The majority of our consultants work at a local NHS Trust and are based near the hospital.

We are committed to helping GPs and their patients make informed healthcare choices by demonstrating the quality of care we provide. Our performance information for each service is published as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our already high standards of clinical quality and safety. For more information on our performance, please visit our About Us page.

We recognize the importance of keeping you informed about your patients’ progress, including post-operative management. A detailed discharge letter will be sent to you on the day of discharge, and a copy will be provided to the patient for presentation at your practice if needed. Patients also receive a comprehensive recovery, follow-up, and aftercare plan.

If your patients have concerns after returning home, they are welcome to contact Novus Health at any time. In the rare event a patient experiences complications after surgery, you can refer them back to the consultant at Novus Health for review and further management if necessary.

Novus Health has extensive experience in assessing NHS patients for elective surgery. Each patient undergoes an individual risk assessment, considering clinical and social factors such as home support, to determine their suitability for treatment. Patients will only be excluded if the required procedure is outside the facility’s scope or if their condition or co-morbidities pose too high a risk.

The full list of exclusions is detailed under the Directory of Services in the Referral system.

For more information on NHS services at Novus Health, call us on 01924 898 784 or email our CEO