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Statement of purpose

Statement of purpose
Health and Social Care Act 2008, Regulation 12, Schedule 3

Aims and objectives

The statements below identify the Vision, Values, Aims and Objectives for the organisation. These statements are underpinned by detailed operational plans that will support the transformation of the organisation and development of the range of services provided locally.

Our Vision identifies our future ambition and how we desire to be recognised:

“To become recognised as the leading multiple service independent community provider of NHS funded healthcare locally; excelling in quality, safety and patient experience.”

Our values should be embedded in everything we do and every patient contact:

  • Working together for patients.
  • Respect and dignity.
  • Commitment to quality of care.
  • Compassion.
  • Improving lives.
  • Everyone counts.

Our Aims
outline the our purpose and intentions:

  • Improving the safety and clinical quality of our services.
  • Improving the experience for the patients, carers and families that we treat.
  • Developing the range of services we provide and developing the integration of services between primary and secondary care.
  • Delivering services closer to people’s homes, with continually improved access to treatment times.
  • Developing our organisation and workforce.
  • Improving the financial stability of the organisation.

Our Key Priorities


  • Delivering safe, harm free care focusing on evidence based pathways, supervision and board level clinical leadership.
  • Developing, maintaining and deploying clinical staff, who are competent, empowered and promote the core values of the organisation.
  • Delivering personalised, responsive and compassionate care in partnership with patients and families, commissioners and other healthcare providers in appropriate environments safeguarding the most vulnerable.


  • Developing a robust organisational infrastructure that supports continuous improvement, can respond to new challenges and become a leading enabler within the local health economy.
  • Exceeding all key NHS Constitution and commissioned standards and deliverables, including access and quality outcomes.
  • Developing our range of community services that are available to the local population, delivered by local clinicians, closer to people’s homes, which are integrated with primary and secondary care provision.


  • Improving our financial stability and generating funds to re-invest in our services.


  • Develop a more diverse workforce and promote an inclusive culture, equality of opportunity for all staff and the behaviours and capabilities required to regulate proportionately, fairly and free from bias.
  • Ensure that the way we operate, our rules and the decisions we make are proportionate, fair and free from bias.

We will excel by:

  • Delivering on our promises.
  • Making it personal.
  • Putting in the extra effort to succeed.
  • Taking your healthcare seriously.
  • Making it timely.

The Excel principles underpin the organisations drive to build confidence and satisfaction. They are fundamental to ensuring that staff know the performance that they are expected to deliver and that they deliver a quality service.

Main business Location

All patient support, administrative and management services are provided at our main business location (Millennium Court, Normanton), where the referral management/patient contact services are based.

Clinical Services

The clinical services we provide are outpatient in nature and as such are delivered at a number of satellite locations to ensure ease of access for patients.

Novus Health are commissioned to provide the following Services:

Carpal Tunnel Treatment and Surgery Service
(NHS Wakefield CCG)

The aim of the services to deliver a high quality and safe assessment, treatment and surgical service in the community for people suffering from Carpal Tunnel Decompression. The assessment and conservative treatment part of the pathway is delivered by GP’s with a special interest in Carpal Tunnel, and the surgical interventions are delivered by Consultation Orthopedic Surgeons from the local NHS Trust (Mid Yorkshire Hospital).

The assessment and conservative treatment element of the service is currently delivered at two locations across the district (The Normanton Hub, Millennium Court, and College Lane Medical Centre, Ackworth)

Community Dermatology Service
(NHS Wakefield CCG)

The aim of the service is to provide timely and appropriate access to advice, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care for adults and children with dermatological conditions/complaints. The service is Consultant Lead and GP with Special Interest in Dermatology delivered.

The service is integrated with MYHT, there is a single point of access for all dermatology referrals, these go to MYHT (a referral assessment service) and are triaged by a Consultant Dermatologist, where care can appropriately and safely be delivered in the community service the referrals are sent to Novus Health.

In addition to general dermatology clinics (for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions, the service also delivers minor surgery pathways including Cryotherapy, biopsies, excision of lesions, and a low risk BCC pathway. The service also has integrated pathways to allow for the rapid access to phototherapy and patch testing.

The assessment and treatment clinics are delivered from five locations across the district (The Normanton Hub, Millennium Court, The Wakefield Hub, Providence Street, Sandal Castle Medical Centre Wakefield, Middlestown Medical Centre, Middlestown and College Lane Medical Centre, Ackworth).

Minor Procedures are delivered from (The Normanton Hub, Millennium Court, Kings Medical Centre, Normanton, Sandal Castle Medical Centre Wakefield, and College Lane Medical Centre, Ackworth).

Community Physiotherapy Service
(NHS Wakefield CCG)
The service provides timely access to physiotherapy assessment, diagnosis, advice and treatment for patients with benign musculoskeletal conditions whose needs exceed the generally accepted competence of a General Practitioner but do not require the involvement of other MSK specialties.

The service provides a holistic approach to stratified patient centred care, incorporating virtual, face-to-face, individual and group sessions. Approach to patient assessment and management is evidence-based mirroring up to date NICE guidance and best practice guidelines using specialist MSK Physiotherapists. Recent developments in the service have led to embedding specialist Band 4 and 5 Exercise Rehabilitation Instructors to deliver personalised individual and group rehabilitation sessions.

The service has robust links with wider PCN resources, hospital-based services, Tier 2 providers, voluntary and third sector providers, as well as working with local community health projects. By creating these robust pathways of care, Novus Health is showcasing a system wide approach to local and personal care.

Face-to-Face services are delivered from nine clinics across the district, these include GP practices, other Novus Health estate and local authority Gyms). In addition, the service has invested in a Clinical Contact Centre, providing dedicated facilities to allow virtual consultation to be conducted in an environment that supports peer discussion, and line management/team governance.

Direct Access Adult Hearing Service
(NHS Wakefield CCG and NHS Kirklees CCG)
The service aims to assess the hearing needs of adults with hearing loss, develop an individual management plan and provide appropriate interventions that can reduce isolation, facilitate continued integration with society and promote independent living.

Working in close partnership with our commissioners, Novus Health Audiology have developed an innovate and forward-thinking patient care model focused on the holistic needs of our patient cohort. Incorporating and enhancing the national standards of care In British Academy of Audiology and NICE guidelines we undertake Real Ear Measures and provide Individual Management Plans to all of our patients and exceed the KPI requirements as specified by Monitor and our local provider contracts.

In response to the global pandemic the service rapidly moved to hearing devices capable of patient self-care and remote care including live video and text support aftercare appointments through the patient’s personal mobile phone device and a manufacturer specific phone application. service has also developed a fast and effective mail fulfilment process for the supply of routine consumables.

The service has robust onward referral pathways into secondary care pathways for referable conditions as identified in BAA guidelines and routinely apply for complex care pathways for patients with complex needs to ensure the support of the most vulnerable patients within our service.

This service is currently delivered through a mix of domiciliary visits and fixed clinics across the two districts. Access is provided at three GP Practices in NHS Kirklees and nine sites in NHS Wakefield CCG.

In terms of Regulated services, only the Community Dermatology Service and the Carpal Tunnel Treatment and Surgery Service are within the Scope of the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The CQC service type(s) provided: Doctors treatment service (DTS)

Regulated Activities:

  • Diagnostic and screening procedures.
  • Surgical procedures.
  • Treatment of disease, disorder or injury.

Locations where regulated activities are registered to be delivered:

  • Kings Medical Centre, King Edward St, Normanton, WF6 2AZ.
  • Sandal Castle Medical Centre, Asdale Rd, Wakefield, WF2 7JE.
  • The Normanton Hub, 60 Queen St, Normanton, WF2 6BU.
  • College Lane Medical Centre, Barnely Rd, Ackworth, WF7 7HZ.
  • The Wakefield Hub, 8-10 Providence St, Wakefield, WF1 3BG.
  • Middlestown Medical Ctr, 129 New Rd, Middlestown, WF4 4PA.
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