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Our Board

The Board works actively to promote and demonstrate the values and behaviours which underpin Integrated Governance. They ensure a balanced focus on all aspects of the business (Quality, Performance, Finance and Workforce) and adopt a systematic process of patient, staff and public involvement, including hearing staff and patient stories at all levels in the organisation.

Board Members

The board is made up of 8 members, who are listed below;

The Chairman

Patrick Wynn

Executive Directors

Paul Gomersall
Luke Streeting
Abdul Mustafa

Non-Executive Directors

Paul Dewhirst
Elizabeth Reading
Kash Bhatti

Board Duties

Our Board is responsible for leading the work of Novus Health, setting its strategic aims, managing its performance and discharging its accountability to the shareholders. The Board meet up quarterly to review and challenge, where necessary, the quality of care delivered and assure the quality of services in the areas of:

  • Patient safety
  • Clinical effectiveness
  • Patient experience
Hearing Health