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Transform your health with Eddie, Novus Health’s new Health Coach

If you live in Wakefield and need help to get better and stay better, you’ve come to the right place. Eddie Bailey is our new MSK Health Coach and an expert in nutrition and exercise.

Eddie is here to support our physiotherapy patients in their recovery journey. Crucially, he’s here to keep you on track when the going gets tough. And the best part is, it’s all part of your overall management plan with Novus Health.

Why do we need a Health Coach supporting our physiotherapy patients in Wakefield?

Did you know that 76% of Wakefield residents struggle with obesity? That’s a startling statistic and one which Eddie is determined to tackle, one patient at a time.
In today’s fast paced world, where lifestyles often prioritise convenience over health, the battle against obesity and its associated challenges is more significant than ever. Carrying excess weight not only affects your physical and mental health, it also exacerbates musculoskeletal (MSK) pain and increases the likelihood of injury. The prevalence of osteoarthritis and low back pain amongst those classed as obese is 34% and 22% respectively.

A holistic approach to health

That’s where Eddie comes in. As part of Novus Health’s commitment to treating the whole person – not just their symptoms – we’ve developed the role of MSK Health Coach to support Wakefield residents on their journey to better health. So, if an NHS patient in Wakefield comes to us for physiotherapy on an injured knee, if suitable, they’ll be offered the opportunity to work with Eddie.

Behaviour change and self-management skills

Eddie isn’t just another health enthusiast; he’s a professional nutrition and exercise specialist who is an expert in facilitating behaviour change and improving lifestyles. His approach is to equip his patients with the skills, knowledge and expertise to self-manage and take responsibility for their own health, from diet and exercise to sleep, stress management and mental wellbeing. Ultimately, that results in better health outcomes for every patient.

All about Eddie

Here we take a look at Eddie’s own health and fitness journey:

  • The spark that ignited the fitness journey: Eddie’s passion for fitness started early on, playing every sport imaginable from an early age.
  • Skilling up: This love of sport and fitness led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree with honours in Sport and Exercise Science from Leeds Beckett University.
  • From passion to profession: Armed with expert knowledge and fuelled by ambition, Eddie ventured into the world of personal training and online coaching, gaining over five years’ experience transforming the lives of clients from all walks of life.
  • A thirst for knowledge: Following this, Eddie decided to further his education by studying for a master’s degree in nutrition, all while working closely with professional football athletes in the Premier League and Championship.
  • Registered expertise: Today, Eddie stands as a beacon of expertise, registered on the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr), a testament to his dedication and proficiency in his field.

Eddie and Novus Health

Eddie’s arrival at Novus Health marks a significant milestone: he aims to integrate nutrition and exercise seamlessly with physiotherapy and other Novus health services, providing elite-level care to NHS patients in Wakefield.

His mission is crystal clear: to revolutionise holistic healthcare one patient at a time. Whether you’re seeking to manage MSK pain, shed excess weight, or start your own journey to overall health improvement, Eddie’s personalised approach provides support every step of the way.

Eddie said: “Better health starts with small changes but the most important isn’t physical, it’s mental. You have to want to improve. For many people, a health scare or a recent diagnosis is the spark to take their health more seriously. For others, it’s simply a recognition that they’d be happier if they were healthier. Whatever the reason, I’m here to support and guide people through their journey – and crucially keep them on track when the going gets tough.”

How do I contact Eddie?

Through a combination of expert guidance, personalised plans and solid support, Eddie and Novus Health are determined to transform lives of Wakefield residents and redefine what it means to prioritise health in today’s world. If you’re suffering with a new or ongoing MSK issue and you are ready to get better and stay better, ask your GP to refer you to Novus Health, or if you prefer, you can refer yourself via our website.

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