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10 years helping Wakefield residents to hear better and live better

The team at Novus Health is thrilled to share an amazing milestone with our NHS patients: the 10th anniversary of our adult hearing loss service.

In what feels like the blink of an eye, ten years of hard work, dedication and commitment to providing high quality hearing care and support to those dealing with adult hearing challenges has gone by. And what a busy ten years it’s been. We’ve helped tens of thousands of residents in Wakefield and North Kirklees on their journey to better hearing, offering innovative solutions, expert guidance, and a warm helping hand. The figures speak for themselves: since 2013, we’ve assessed more than 20,000 patients and fitted over 14,000 hearing aids for patients with a range of conditions – from age-related hearing loss to tinnitus and more complex conditions.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve witnessed countless stories of lives transformed by Novus Health’s experienced and friendly audiologists, from helping people regain their connection to the world of sound, to fostering a sense of community and ongoing support.

Rob Johns, is an audiologist and Head of Adult Hearing Loss for Novus Health. He said:

“Novus Health has developed significantly since I joined the team in early 2017. The Adult Hearing Loss team and I have grown along with the service, which is now larger and more effective than ever. When I started, there were only three full time staff and two part-timers. We now have an 11-strong team of audiologists and hearing care assistants and offer a dedicated aftercare service to ensure patients continue to benefit from advice and support long after they’ve been fitted with their hearing aids.

“The team and I are looking forward to some exciting times ahead, with lots of service developments to come in the New Year – so watch this space to find out more about our plans to boost the hearing health and wellbeing of Wakefield residents.”

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