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What happens when you are referred to Novus Health Audiology

Step 1: Referral by Your GP

Your journey with Novus Health Audiology begins when your GP refers you to our service.

Step 2: Pre-Appointment Questionnaire (Within 48 Hours)

Soon after your referral, you’ll receive a pre-appointment questionnaire to help us understand your specific needs.

Step 3: Initial Clinic Appointment (Within 2 Weeks) – Approx. 30 Minutes

Within a fortnight, we’ll invite you to our clinic for your first appointment. Here, one of our experienced audiologists will conduct a thorough examination. They’ll check your ears for any wax build-up or signs of infection, check the general health of your ears and then perform a hearing test. During this test, you’ll listen to various sounds and frequencies, pressing a button each time you hear a noise. Once the hearing test is complete, your audiologist will review the results with you and discuss the next steps. If your assessment indicates a need for hearing aids, we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment within two weeks.

Step 4: Hearing Aid Fitting and Adjustment (Within 2 Weeks) – Approx. 45 Minutes

During this session (approximately 45 minutes), we’ll fit and adjust your hearing aids to ensure they’re comfortable and effective. We’ll also take the time to demonstrate how to use the hearing aids, provide counsel to help you adjust to using them, and collaboratively identify a 12-month plan tailored to your unique needs and preferences. You’ll also receive replacement tubes, cleaning accessories, and batteries. And don’t worry—if you run out of supplies, you can easily order them for doorstep delivery.

Step 5: Two-Week Follow-Up Call

After two weeks of wearing your hearing aids, we’ll give you a follow-up call to check on your progress. If necessary, we can make remote adjustments to optimize your experience.

Step 6: Four-Week Follow-Up Call

A month later, expect another call from our team to gauge your comfort level and address any concerns or adjustments needed for your hearing aids.

Step 7: 1-Year and 2-Year Reviews

We’ll continue to support you with annual reviews to ensure your hearing aids are well-maintained and functioning optimally. During these appointments, we’ll provide additional accessories and adjust as necessary.

Step 8: 3-Year Review

Your 3-year review mirrors the previous ones, but with an added hearing test to monitor any changes in your hearing. If adjustments or new hearing aids are needed, we’ll make sure you receive the care you require.

In between your reviews we have drop-in clinics where you can come along and been seen by our audiologist if you have an issue with your hearing aids. Our aftercare team are always on hand to repair your hearing aids if they are not working. Alternatively, you can contact us on 01924 898784 and we can give the guidance you may need.

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