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The importance of changing your hearing aid tubes

When having your hearing aid fitted, we’ll explain the importance of keeping your hearing aids and tubes clean. However, tubing does have a limited lifespan – usually around six months for most people.

After around six months, the tubing will start to change. It becomes brittle, often misshapen, and it also shrinks. This causes three main issues:

  1. The hearing aid no longer fits your ear properly
  2. The sound quality is compromised
  3. The tubes are very difficult to remove from the hearing aid and clean

Fortunately, it is really easy to change your tubing and doing so on a regular basis (around twice a year) will ensure that you don’t run into any of the problems above!

When your hearing aid is fitted, you will be given enough tubes to last you for the first year with instructions on how to change them, and your audiologist will make sure you are able to do so before you leave the appointment. When you run out of spare tubes, you can simply order more by:


Ordering online via our Novus Health website 

Emailing us at

Or calling our order line on 01924 224492

Instructions for Changing Your Hearing Aid Tubing

Below are instructions for changing your tubing, depending on the kind of hearing aid you have fitted.

How to retube an earmould 

  1. Detach the mould from the hearing device. 
  2. Cut approximately the last 5cm of pre-bent piece of tubing to a tapered end. Thread this through the ear mould until it comes out the other end. 
  3. Feed the pointed end through the channel in the mould from the outside as shown, until it emerges at the other end. If you have two channels in your mould, feed the tubing through the top channel. 
  4. Pull the pointed end of the tubing through the mould until the other end of the tubing is vertical and sits flat against the mould. 
  5. Cut off the pointed end as close to the mould as possible. Ensure there are no rough edges of the tube left sticking out, as this can cause irritation in the ear. 
  6. Now, you need to adjust the length of the tubing to fit your ear. Place the old piece of tubing, which you removed earlier, alongside the newly fitted tube measure and cut. Or place the hearing device over your ear, and mark the point where it crosses the hearing device as shown and cut the tubing at the point you have marked. 
  7. To reattach your hearing device to the mould, squeeze the top of the tube and fit the mould and device back together.

Changing Thin Tubes

  1. Remove thin tubes from hearing devices by unscrewing them anti-clockwise. 
  2. Attach the replacement thin tube by screwing it clockwise.
Replacing Thin Tubes

If you have any difficulty changing your tubing, you can also access useful videos on our website or request a call from our aftercare team on 01924 898 784.

If you’re not a patient with Novus Health but would like to speak to an Audiologist about your hearing, please ask your GP to refer you for an appointment.

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