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Prioritising Mental Health: A Message from Our CEO for Mental Health Awareness Week

The Importance of Mental Health in Our Lives

Mental health influences every aspect of our lives. It shapes how we think, feel, and act. Nurturing good mental health equips us to handle stress more effectively, foster better relationships, and make healthier choices. Indeed, it’s a fundamental aspect of our overall wellbeing.

Making Novus Health a Beacon of Wellbeing

Our CEO, Luke Streeting, has a heartfelt message for our team and patients, 

“At Novus Health, we are dedicated to creating an environment that supports staff to focus on their health and wellbeing. This year, this will be our utmost priority, with various initiatives being launched over the summer. We are committed to making our workplace a beacon of wellbeing where everyone feels supported.”

Delivering Holistic Patient Care

Moreover, at Novus Health, we believe in a holistic approach when it comes to patient care. Luke further highlights, “We assess our patients’ needs in their entirety, taking into account their lifestyle and behavioural elements. Our aim is to help patients understand how their choices can impact their overall health. We firmly believe that wellbeing is as important as physical symptoms. In my opinion, we should not separate the two!”

Dive Deeper into Mental Health Topics with Novus Health

During Mental Health Awareness Week, we focused on exploring the deep-seated connections between mental health and physical conditions. For those interested in learning more, we invite you to read our articles on Exploring the Link Between Mental Health and Musculoskeletal Disorders and Understanding the Psychological Impact of Hearing Loss

These pieces delve into the complex interplay between our physical health and mental wellbeing, demonstrating our commitment to holistic healthcare.

In closing, mental health is crucial to us all, whether in the context of our personal lives or at work. At Novus Health, we are dedicated to supporting mental wellbeing at every level — in our team, our patients, and our community. Let’s work together in prioritising mental health not just during Mental Health Awareness Week, but every day.

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