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The IDA institute and our person-centred approach to patient care

Here at Novus Health limited we are all about our patients and outcomes driven by patient choice. This means that we take a person-centred approach in every aspect of the care that we deliver. This is true across all of our departments. The Adult Hearing Health service has recently been “inspired by IDA”.

What is IDA?

The IDA institute is a research and education institute that focus on person centred care in audiology.  They offer training, clinical tools and accreditation for clinicians working in audiology from hearing care assistants to Audiologists and beyond. The resources and training they provide are the industry standard for person centred care in audiology.

How does Novus work with IDA?

Our Audiologists and hearing care professionals have been trained and accredited by the IDA institute this means we are “inspired by IDA”.

What does this mean for our patients?

Our “inspired by IDA” status allows us to use the IDA institutes brilliant training and clinical tools to personalise every patient’s treatment and care plan to help them to understand and manage their hearing rehabilitation in a way that is supported by our clinicians but very much lead by the patients’ own decisions and choices.

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