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Physio redesign and exercise-based rehab

We are back! With a more dynamic service to offer the patients of the Wakefield district…

Over the past 18 months our MSK Physiotherapy Service has undergone a huge transformation. We are proud to present our new patient centred holistic approach to MSK care.

Our team has grown

We now have a thriving team of clinical staff ranging from newly qualified to expert level experienced clinicians. A strong team of passionate BASrAT registered Exercise and Rehabilitation Instructors (ERI’s) have joined our MSK clinical team. This team are delivering class-based therapy, soft tissue clinics, one-on-one rehabilitation and remote consultations to thousands of patients each month. Exercise and wellbeing is at the forefront of what we do and our fantastic clinical team are here to support patients on their journey to recovery.

In this together

Our highly popular classed based therapy provision continues to grow across the Wakefield area. Patients are enrolled onto the classes based on suitability and clinical need. They attend a 6-week course that incorporates exercise, education and clinical support. They leave happier, healthier and better equipped to take control of their health and manage their MSK condition.

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